Create Your Own International League of Team Golf (ILTG)

Given this past weekends exciting President’s Cup tournament in Montreal I thought it wouldn’t it be great to see that kind of team golf format every week. The players are pumped and help support their team members. There is a totally different and refreshing strategy when playing team golf. And the crowds are much more supportive of the home team of golfers rather then just the one or two guys leading a normal tournament.

So here’s what I would do if I had enough money to just throw around. I would create the International League of Team Golf or ILTG. Given that tournaments would only be played Thursday to Sunday there is no reason why this couldn’t be an international league. Teams would consist of 12 players from no specific country. Each team would have a uniform and would have a “home” course. Approximately half the season would be home tournaments and half the season away tournaments. There could be an East and West Conference with 12 teams in each conference, possibly 2 divisions of 6 teams in each conference and the top 8 teams in each conference would make the playoffs. The finals would be between the East and West conference winners for the ILTG Champions Cup.

The benefits of this league would be:

  • Team Golf is a more exciting format
  • It would give golfers who aren’t in the PGA or EPGA a chance to make a living at golf
  • Individual golfers don’t have to be as good as Tiger Woods for this league to be successful. The teams just have to be competitive.
  • It would truly be an international league showing both North American style courses and traditional links courses.
  • Fans would have a team to follow and cheer for rather then just one individual

Of course there would be some sort of collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players. There would be trades and free agents. I think it would be a very exciting league to watch and attract many more viewers that normally wouldn’t watch a golf tournament.

Let me know what you think?

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