Deprived Angler Disorder

As I’ve moved closer to owning a cottage I’ve started to become more interested in outdoor activities that I will be able to take advantage of once the cottage is built. One of those activities is fishing. I’ve only recently purchased a fishing license and even at that I might get out 4 times a year when my buddy invites me to his cottage on Pigeon Lake.

Unfortunately for me I seem to have Deprived Angler Disorder or D.A.D. according to the World Fishing Network. My main issue is worms! I have never touched a worm in my life. As a kid I had my grandmother bait my hook because my dad had given up on me by that point and would go out fishing by himself. Now-a-days I bait my own hook, but that is with lures. I still won’t touch the worms. Similarly I haven’t taken a fish off my hook! I caught a Rock Bass last year and had to get one of my buddies to unhook it. I don’t know what it is, but that big red eye on those Rock Bass sure doesn’t help. By the way my best catch is a Blue Gill.

Currently I’m using a rod that was on sale at Canadian Tire for $9.99 and my dad’s old fishing tackle. He hasn’t been fishing in years so I open up his box to find some old ear medicine, ice fishing hooks and line, and some plastic crawdads. The package says if fish don’t like crawdads they don’t like food! So I figure these have to be good even if they are from 1981.

Now I plan on being a father sometime soon and if I can get this cottage built next year then there is no way I can continue to be afraid of worms, use such crappy equipment, and be so ignorant towards fishing techniques. It’s time to be a man and say “give me that worm I’m gonna go catch some fish!”

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