How Fast Can You Pitch?

Here’s a great product if you are a trash talking smart mouth or if you are a serious coach trying to help your student, sports radar guns! As a kid the only time I was able to find out how fast my fast ball was, was if I went to a carnival. Even at that I didn’t believe them…65MPH my ass! Actually my best pitch was my slider, that’s until my elbow blew up like a balloon. Kids, never throw junk until you are finished growing! But I digress.

The Speeedtrac radar gun is a handless radar tracking device that can be setup on any camera tripod. The large LCD display will provide instant feedback to the student and the coach. It’s a great way to encourage your young athlete. If you are looking more high tech, maybe to improve you golf game, you might want to consider the Adastra 2000.

Designed specifically for indoor cages it provides a large heads up display and is fourth generation of radar speed measurement systems. All radar guns and systems are made in the United States with free shipping and a manufacturer’s full warrantee included. If it’s speed you’re after you can’t miss with these speed guns!

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