Last Minute Bookings to the United Kingdom (UK)

My wife and I have been considering going to the United Kingdom to travel around, visit different locations, and have some fun. Although at some point our family ancestries lead back to the UK we have very small families and no known relatives there so we have never been.

I started looking on the net for travel packages and found this site, which I was very impressed with. It is called Hotel Shop UK and specializes in booking 2-5 star hotel accommodations and short breaks throughout the UK. This was a perfect find. We figured to get the most out of our time there we would spend a few days or a weekend in one location and then head off to another.

Planning the vacation was a breeze. I was able to select the Short Breaks link and then the type of short break we were looking for. I wanted a Golf Break, how can I pass up golfing on some traditional links courses! My wife wanted a Shopping Break and we both agreed we would need some food so we picked a Gourmet Break as well. It was simple and straight forward. I figured a trip like this would take a long time to plan for two people that have never been to the UK, but it didn’t. The nice thing about it is if we get there and we want to make changes Hotel Shop UK is great for last minute hotel bookings in the UK.

With that out of the way I can relax and look forward to taking my first trip to the UK.

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