NFL Fantasy Draft – Part 2

As I described yesterday in NFL Fantasy Draft – Part 1 the NFL season is just weeks away and it is draft time for fantasy sports fans. It’s time to show your friends and people around the world that you are the best scout, general manager, and coach all in one.

I listed a few players from the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions that I would take. Now I will talk about the tight end, kicker and defensive players and hopefully by the end of this article you will have your own game plan for your upcoming draft.

TE: There aren’t a lot of really good scoring tight ends out there. In general tight ends don’t have the best hands resulting in not many touches. However there are a few that dominate the game and their position. I always like going after Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzales. Both are big guys that can shelter the ball from defenders and have good hands. You can count on these guys getting you a number of touchdowns throughout the year.

K: The most under appreciated player in football. All he does is put points on the board, but nobody cheers for the kicker. Getting a good kicker is important because of the last point that I made. In my pool you get points for kicking an extra point and incremental points for longer field goals. Fortunately there are a number of good kickers and you can wait until the later rounds to pick these guys. These are some of the top kickers from last year: Adam Vinatieri, Nate Kaeding, and Jeff Wilkins.

D: In my league I can pick any defensive players I want and I usually pick a mix. I like guys like Terrence McGee who have a better chance at getting an interception then a linebacker, but also is part of the punt returning team so he will rack up rushing yards. Other players like Zack Thomas won’t get you a ton of points, but will consistently get 6+ tackles a game. Then there are the guys who will rack up points on any given day by getting sacks like Julius Peppers.

The players I’ve mentioned really aren’t sleeper picks. Everyone in your draft will have their eyes on them, but it will be up to you when to draft them. Things can move fast on draft day so make sure you have a backup plan! Have fun and enjoy the next 17 weekends as you manage your team to the playoffs.

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