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I have written in the past about my online poker experiences and tried to provide a few tips here and there. I always felt, as I was writing them, that my poker lingo and theories were a little too advanced for those that were just starting to play poker. I’ve found a site called Poker on a Mac and the entire site is dedicated to playing poker. When I was playing I generally played cash games at the limit hold’em tables. So I went to the poker strategy area of the site to see if I could pick up some pointers and improve my game.

Firstly the poker strategy area was well laid out and earned my respect immediately. I went to the Poker Cash Games section and selected the Limit Holdem strategy article. Again I was impressed with the layout and the construction of the article. It clearly introduced limit hold’em and identified that limit hold’em is a far different game then no limit hold’em, which is a key point for new players. All key strategy aspects of the game were touched on, starting hands, table position, play on the flop, turn, and river, pot odds, and bank roll.

I can’t stress enough how well written the articles are for beginner poker players and the scope of the content is complete. I would suggest also looking at the Poker Math section in the strategy area especially if you are playing no limit hold’em. You’ve got to know your pot odds before you push all your chips in!

I’ll had a lot of fun navigating through this site…it makes me want to go play some poker this weekend!

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