Start your own micro-brewery for only $5,000!

I’ve had my eye on the Sabco Brew-Magic System for a while now. I’ve always dreamt of having my own micro–brewery and with the Brew-Magic system it is a possibility. The system only produces one keg at a time, which is about 7 cases of beer, but beer only takes weeks to mature and as long as you have the storage space you could make a number of batches in one day producing a decent starting inventory.

Start your own micro-brewery for only $5,000!

The big selling feature of the Brew-Magic is its software. The software allows you to save a successful recipe and ensures that you are repeating the process the exact same way every time. The result is batch after batch of consistent quality beer. The benefit of that is two fold. If you have a recipe that you and your customers like you can continue to produce the same tasting beer every time and you will be able to hang on to your loyal drinkers. If you have a recipe that you don’t like or one that needs some tweaking then you can make minor variances to the recipe while keeping everything else the same. Through this precise process you can easily determine what works for you and what doesn’t in each recipe.

I believe as I get older and learn more about beer making a Sabco Brew-Magic will be in my future. Who knows maybe someday you will be at your cottage on the weekend cracking open and EDW Lager.

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