Warning: For Men Only

Gentlemen have you ever wanted to organize a poker tournament? Maybe have a Super Bowl party at your place? 99% of the time you just send out a mass email to invite your friends over and whoever shows, shows. You don’t care if there are 8 people instead of 10. But there are times when you want to know who’s going to come so you can know how much pizza to order or if it is worth getting that keg of beer. Well now you can send out Free Online Invitations for Men and track responses without looking like a nerd. The site is called Manvite. Specifically geared towards Guys Night Invitations for Men.

The site is black, white, and grey. No need to have flowery colours that we don’t even know the names of. The site is about functionality first, get your message out and track you buddies’ responses. You can select from a list of most common manly events or enter your own event type. Write a message about your event, specify the date, time and address, and enter your pals’ email addresses. You can even specify if the wives are allowed to come.

Your guests will receive an email with the invite which they can respond to. Manvite requires a nickname, which is cool, cause guys like nicknames and you can rate the manliness of the invite. The organizer can login at anytime and see how many of the invites were accepted so he knows if he should make 1 vat of chili or 2.

There are a couple of items I would like to see changed from a personal standpoint. Only US states are provided as options for entering an address. I would love it if the Canadian provinces and territories were added to the list. The other thing that I found a little confusing was ranking the manliness of the invite. I expected to see a rating based on my friends’ responses when I logged in as the organizer, but there was nothing there. I then found out that the rankings go towards the Hall of Fame, which is a tiny link on the home page. I would suggest making the Hall of Fame more apparent and provide some explanation as to why users should rank the invite.

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