The Portable Wood-Burning Hot Tub

The Portable Wood-Burning Hot Tub

I saw this item and I knew I had to share this with all of our readers. I would love to have this since it is portable, it is big enough for four adults and it uses wood to heat the water. With all the construction I’ll be doing at my lot this year I will have tons of wood to burn. Many people that are interested in owning a hot tub end up not buying one because of the electric heating costs. If you do have wood at your cottage or home then this would be a perfect product for you.

The tub holds 200 gallons of water and can be heated to 104 degrees in 2.5 hrs or less if the cover is on. The water is pushed through the metal coils which surround a wire basket where the firewood is housed. The basket can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. There is also a ledge to hold drinks and other items. At a price of $5999.95 US it seems a little expensive, but really isn’t out of the price range of standard comparable hot tubs.

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