Toronto Pride Parade

This weekend in Toronto was the Pride parade. The 27th annual pride parade celebrates gay and lesbian pride. Hundreds of thousands of people gay and straight line Yonge St. for the parade.

The festivities now have less to do with being gay and more to do with just being proud of who you are. That being said you will find many of the participants completely or almost naked marching down the streets. You will see drag queens and all sorts of flamboyant costumes. There are still some serious messages displayed reminding people that gays and lesbians are still discriminated against and that there is still a fight to be won. But for the most part everyone is there letting loose, enjoying the weather, and having a great time. The parade and festivities bring somewhere close to $100 million into the city of Toronto. If you are looking to having some good fun and won’t be upset seeing two men kiss then come to Toronto next year. As Mayor David Miller said “everyone has a place in Toronto”.

Toronto Pride Parade

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