Weekend Events (13-July-2007)

This weekend, as was the case last weekend, many of the streets in Toronto were closed due to festivals and parades. Toronto has a population of approximately 2 million people and is very proud of its multiculturalism.

The Salsa Festival started on Saturday July 14 and ended Sunday night and celebrates Latino culture, entertainment, and music. A stage and dance floor was setup on St. Claire Avenue W. and seven neighbourhood blocks were filled with food stands, dance lessons, and retail booths.

The 35th International Festival of India also took place this weekend. The festival originated in the city of Puri, India over 2000 years ago. A parade traveled along Yonge St. to Queens Quay. The festival then moved to Toronto Island and remained there for the rest of the weekend. There was yoga lessons, traditional Indian dancing, and a free vegetarian feast. The festival attracted somewhere over 30,000 visitors.

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