Weird News This Weekend

Here are some odd stories from around the world that happened this weekend.

A fossilized penis from an extinct walrus was sold at an auction this weekend in Beverly Hills. Even more surprising was that the auctioneers expected the 1.4 meter long penis covered in weathered skin and dry muscles to go for more then the $8,000 it was purchased for. More details at Canoe.

The world we live in is definitely a little scarier when members of a simple running club are suspected of being a terrorist. Two people were seen sprinkling a powder in the parking lot of an Ikea store and authorities were notified. The entire store was evacuated and the runners were charged with first degree breach of peace. It turns out the powder they were sprinkling was flower and was there to help guide the rest of the running group along the predetermined trail reports Yahoo.

A Malaysian paper printed a picture of Jesus holding a cigarette this weekend and was told to stop printing papers for one month by the Malaysian government. Deemed as hurtful and a desecration the newspaper said that the picture was published by mistake and has published an apology according to AOL News.

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