Whiskey Sour – The Perfect Drink

A couple of years ago I attended a Johnnie Walker scotch tasting event. I must give the Johnnie Walker people props for that event. Two free drink tickets, a full roast beef dinner, and five samples of single malt scotch for free.

The event was hosted by the blend master, a true Scotchman, who had plenty of jokes about the English. He walked us through each of the five scotches, telling us what we should be tasting and smelling. I quickly learned that not all scotch tastes the same and that I didn’t like peaty or smokey tasting scotches. My favourite of the night was Cardhu. Not being able to buy Cardhu anymore I have grown to love Dalwhinnie. Dalwhinnie is fairly pricey and not something the average person would drink on a night out.

If you happen to be in the company of some scotch drinkers and haven’t quite acquired the taste of scotch, but still want to fit in here’s what you do. Order a Whiskey Sour. The lime cordial will add a little sweetness to it and take the “edge” off of the scotch. Let the ice melt a little to dilute the drink and you’ll fit right in with the scotch crowd in no time.

Here’s how you make it at home…according to me:

  1. 2oz of cheap scotch – I like to use Ballantines
  2. .5 oz of lime cordial
  3. 2 ice cubes – I like my drinks cold


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