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In the past I’ve been involved in office pools making weekly football picks against the spread and usually finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. Following all the stats and player changes each week takes up a lot of time so most people end up betting on their favorite team or just flip a coin. […]

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Proline Week 5 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Just when you think you’ve got all the teams figured out Cleveland goes and destroys Baltimore in the first half. I went 2-4 last week bringing my season total to 7-11.

For week 5 of the NFL I am picking:

Houston Texans to win by 4pts. […]

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NHL Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Season Home Opener

The NHL started for the majority of teams last night and as usual the Toronto Maple Leafs lost their home opener to the Ottawa Senators. Danny Heatly, a.k.a. Leaf Killer, scored the tying and winning goal last night to win 4-3 in overtime.

The Leafs salvaged a point out of the game by going to overtime, […]

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Create Your Own International League of Team Golf (ILTG)

Given this past weekends exciting President’s Cup tournament in Montreal I thought it wouldn’t it be great to see that kind of team golf format every week. The players are pumped and help support their team members. There is a totally different and refreshing strategy when playing team golf. And the crowds are much more supportive of the home team of golfers rather then just the one or two guys leading a normal tournament. […]

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Proline Week 4 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Week 3 was a better week for me. I called the tie correct even though I picked the wrong team to win by 3 in the Vikings game and I called the Jets to win by 4, but it was only a 3pt difference. So I went 3-3 bringing my season total to 5-7. […]

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56 Inch, 55 Pound Mammoth Pike Caught on Rainy Lake in Ontario

Here’s an email that has been passed around lately and I though I would share it with everyone since it is related to the sight.

The story goes that this fellow was out fishing on Rainy Lake in Ontario bordering Minnesota. He was fishing for Pike and had caught a 36 incher, […]

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Proline Week 3 NFL Football Picks and Odds

So last week was a bit of a crazy week. Carson Palmer throws 6 touchdowns for Cincinnati and still loses to the Browns! Needless to say my record isn’t that great right now at 2-4, but this week things should be better.

For week 3 of the NFL I am picking:

Minnesota Vikings to win by 3pts. […]

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How Fast Can You Pitch?

Here’s a great product if you are a trash talking smart mouth or if you are a serious coach trying to help your student, sports radar guns! As a kid the only time I was able to find out how fast my fast ball was, was if I went to a carnival. […]

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Proline Week 2 NFL Football Picks and Odds

In Canada the government wanted a piece of the action when it came to sports betting. So it started a nation sports book offering odds, spreads, and over under cards. I’ve been in a number of spread pools in the past and have hung in there never to win a week and finish just out of the money spots. […]

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My Old Town Canoe

As I mentioned in What Are You Doing this Long Weekend I purchased a canoe from a river touring company and I have to say I am very pleased with my purchase. I had narrowed my choice down to two canoes, the Old Town Discovery 158 and the Nova Craft Prospector after reading some reviews. […]

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